Custom Bikes Burnouts & Bartenders – Daytona Bike Week

Cackleberry Campground was awesome Next year we’re considering spending the entire week there because it is that good. Every night they have live music on stage and dancers. It is conveniently located right across the street from the Cabbage Patch where we saw the custom bike show. There was a lot of very cool custom choppers with beautiful chrome and stunning paint jobs. We head to main street to our usual locations. Dirty Harrys, Froggys and Full Moon Saloon. They have a tire changing station and a Burnout pad built so after you burn up all the rubber on your tire you can go get a fresh new one put on. Beers at the campground are super fresh and only $2 per beer. I think it was $40 a night to camp, but it was 34 degrees the first night.
Link to the Winehouse contest:

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